Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Logs and specks

I am disheartened today. A very nice group of people got together last night to be about the work of the Lord and did a lot of complaining and character assassination. How do we ever expect the world to give Christianity credence when we just don't/can't behave like Christians?

Sometimes, I wonder if we even consider what it means to follow Jesus. Actually doing it seems to be even more hit or miss. And yet I know some people who are incredibly successful at being Christian, treating everyone as a loved member of the household of God even if that person drives them crazy. When did it become necessary for us to tell others *that* they drive us nuts and *how* they drive us nuts. Oh yes, and how to *change* so they will no longer drive us nuts.

I commisserated with God on the drive home about putting up with all of us when I am sure God regularly feels like I did last night.


mompriest said...

I think we are turning into a community of people who feel entitled....and self-righteous....we have very little sense of community, compassion, and true's sad....

mompriest said...

Oh, and thank you for your comments on my blog means a lot.