Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now the day is over

It is 9:30 of this first day together on the Walkabout and life is good.  All flights to Chattanooga arrived early, on time or at least not very late. The good people of Thankful Memorial Church welcomed us for a tour of their really lovely church and wine and cheese in the parish hall.  And then we were off to Hennen's for a very good dinner.
That's a lot of superlative language but it is how I'm feeling as we begin this five day journey.  There was lively conversation at all three tables at dinner, in the vans going and coming and in the lobby as people met, some for the first time and began to make those connections that remind us the Episcopal world is a small one.
I promised Vikki Myers that I would take pictures on this trip.  Well, I remembered I had my camera with me after every left Thankful and once again as I picked up my purse after dinner.  I'll have to do better tomorrow.
And now I think we are all ready to get some sleep.  Even for those of us who are local, it has been a long day.  So I will say good night.

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