Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running for the bus

Much of the last week has been spent in two of these big white vans.  Over the four days we have been together, there has been good conversation, laughter, silence, a little confusion - especially when vans go different directions to the same place.  But I believe friendships have been formed that won't be easily forgotten or set aside.  You see, when we gather in the Lord's name and to do the Lord's work, relationship happens.  It doesn't matter that these folks are all standing for the same election.  What I have heard them all say is that it matters what the Holy Spirit calls delegates and clergy to do.  And, meanwhile, they have become friends.

This was our last walkabout meeting tonight.  St. John's did a good job of keeping us warm in a building without a boiler.  They fed us well and made us welcome.  Remarkably, all of the nominees managed to have as much energy tonight as they did Monday night.  This after a day of driving in rain and/or snow and visits to two churches other than St. John's.  We had coffee this morning at St. Barnabas, Jefferson City - a Lutheran/Episcopal worshiping community.  They have done a masterful job of renovating an old house into a real house church, pews and all.  Then we travelled to St. James in Greeneville for lunch and a stirring rendition of Drop Kick Me Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life.  What fun!

And now, once again, we are ready to turn out the lights and go to bed.  Tomorrow, we will be on the road once again and driving all the way back to Chattanooga with stops to be made between here and there.  Keep those prayers coming just a little longer!

Good night!

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