Friday, April 12, 2013

I really do know what day it is

Friday?  Saturday?  No, it’s really Friday…

As you can see, I was confused about half the day.  I swear my computer said it was 4/13 this morning but it really didn’t.  Cathy believed me so the two of us wandered around in Saturday half the day.  Bev straightened us out. ;-)

Our destination today was Mont Ventoux, 6,000 ft. high and still covered with snow on the very top.  We passed through St. Didier on the way and discovered a boulangerie/patisserie!  We did not buy them out but I think Cathy was tempted.  The lemon tart was divine as is the brioche.  I also bought an interesting pastry called a sacristain – almonds, crunchy like a napoleon crust; in other words, thoroughly yummy!

Back on the road, we wandered through beautiful countryside as we wound our way to the top.  Several stops for pictures, of course, along the way.  And when we got to the turn for the top of the mountain, we discovered that the mountain is closed!  Just like that, closed!  Still, lovely views as far as the Alps but we were not able to see the Pyrenees since we weren’t anywhere near the top.  We agreed it was still worth the trip.

And then down we came, stopping in Malaucene for lunch – not the best meal I’ve had in France but Cathy loved her mussels and Bev’s pasta with Roquefort was also quite tasty.  Lee had fishy prawns.  Meh. 

We went on to Vaison-la-Romaine, a place with Roman ruins and a Romanesque cathedral.  Our thought was to have dessert here but none of us were really hungry.  So we went on to Gigondas, one of the wine towns we have visited before.  We did have tea and cake before tasting four wines and buying three – all to be drunk before we leave as we are not planning to bring any back.

The trip home through Carpentras should have been uneventful but I decided to thwart the GPS and follow a road sign instead.  It went downhill from there.  Poor Cathy is very good at finding places to turn around now.

And so home by 7:00 for a glass of wine, some cheese and bread.  Lee is taking a nap as he doesn’t feel real great.  Bev has a load of laundry in and she, Cathy and I are reading our respective book devices.

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