Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picture time!

Here is the river Sorgue as seen from our lunch spot.  The Fontaine du Vaucluse is way up this gorge.

The water is rushing downstream.  

And here is the Fontaine.  No one knows how deep that hole is.  The last time we were here, Lee hiked down into that hole about 30 feet.  No so this time!

I got these pictures a little out of order.  This is the Alps as seen from Mont Ventoux.  If we had been able to go all the way to the top, we would have been able to see the Pyrenees, too!

This is typical of the country where we are.  I took this on the way up Mont Ventoux.

This is the top of of Mont Ventoux.

This is in the cathedral in Malaucen.  Of all the religious art we have seen, this is my favorite.  It really speaks to me.

This is the Pont d'Avignon as seen from the Popes' gardens.

I haven't said much about the flowers and gardens.  This is just one of many we have seen and oohed about.

The ligustrum is in full bloom.  

More interesting that the Roman theater in Orange - at least to me - are the pieces of fresco they have managed to find.

A wall mosaic from the theater.

Everyone loves griffons, right?

This is my favorite altar so far.  It's in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nazareth and all Saints in Orange.  I am hoping Lee got a better picture of it.  The altar is a striking shade of aqua.

I've always wondered how Mary can look so serene while stomping on a snake!

Floor mosaic in the Cathedral.

An icon of St. Eutrope, an early bishop.

This is at the end of a building in Arles.  Art is everywhere!

And this is the Roman amphitheater in Arles.  They have bullfights here and have added lots of seating inside.

Her name is Mang and the people she allows to run her cafe make wonderful food and ice creams.

It wouldn't matter how close I had gotten to this piece, you still would have had a hard time distinguishing the contents as the skull of St. Antony of the Desert, probably the best known of the Desert Fathers.  I have no idea what he is/was doing in Arles.

The plane trees lining the road.  It reminds me of Oak Alley in Louisiana.

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